About Us

Bridger Capital Partners is a middle market private equity firm focused on founder-led companies. Bridger and its investment partners provide capital for management buyouts, business succession, business owner liquidity, business continuity, and recapitalizations.

The firm is named after the famed Frontiersman and Mountain Man James (Jim) Bridger who, beginning at the age of 17 and for more than 40 years, explored and lived in the Rocky Mountains. From Yellowstone to the Great Salt Lake Basin, travelers along the great frontier in the 1800s depended upon his knowledge and expertise for a successful navigation of a beautiful, but unforgiving terrain. He was an interpreter with fluency in several Native American languages and was revered as a guide, trapper, mountain man, and U.S. Army officer. Those who knew him personally described him as “a very companionable man‚Ķexpression mild and manners agreeable. He was hospitable and generous, and was always trusted and respected.”

Bridger Capital Partners was founded on similar principles of being extraordinary business and investment partners that are genuine, hospitable, trusted, and respected.

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Sculpture of Bridger by David Alan Clark in Fort Bridger, WY