Why Bridger?

Investment Criteria

Each principal at Bridger invests in every transaction. Our lenders, family office, and private equity investment partners know that this demonstrates the highest level of integrity and commitment to each transaction. The management teams we invest with appreciate knowing that we have a personal interest in their success and in the success of the business. Along with these ideals, we pursue companies that have the following characteristics:

  • Proven business model with stable historical performance
  • Management team that is willing to invest with us in the company
  • Opportunity for meaningful revenue growth and operating margin expansion

We don’t have a limit on check size, although we do have some parameters that guide our focus in terms of the transactions where we feel we can add the most value. Generally, we focus on companies with the following minimum financial characteristics:

  • We focus nearly all of our efforts in evaluating profitable companies with at least $2M in EBITDA unless it’s an add-on acquisition for an existing platform.
  • Enterprise Value. In addition to EBITDA performance, we focus our attention on enterprise value of at least $10M.

Our track record has demonstrated a unique ability to structure and fund transactions in a variety of special situations. However, we add the most value in two types of transactions:

  • We work closely with founders, business owners, and executives in creating and executing on unique exit strategies that address their individual objectives as well as ensuring the company’s ability to meet future growth targets.
  • Recapitalizations/Restructuring. When business owners are interested in change of control, but desire to remain involved with the business, our collaborative approach to recapitalization provides liquidity and the ability to retain current management or hire a new management team.

We are fairly agnostic in our approach to specific industries. In situations where we believe we need additional insights into business or market dynamics, we leverage our team of advisors and operating partners who work closely with us in evaluating new opportunities.  Industries in which we have strong financial and operating experience include:

  • IT Services and Software
  • Business and Financial Services
  • Digital Media
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing

We prefer to pursue opportunities in the U.S. and Canada with special interest in the western U.S.

Business Owners

We know how difficult it is to start, build, and grow a business into something meaningful and we believe we are uniquely qualified to be your investment partner. On more than one occasion, founders, CEOs, and business owners have told us that our direct experience in managing and building businesses was a key factor in choosing us an investment partner. They really appreciated our flexible approach to structuring a transaction that met their personal needs and future business objectives. If your interests fall into one of the following scenarios, we believe we are the right investment partner for you.

  • Business Succession/Retirement
  • Business Owner needing liquidity
  • Management buyout
  • Recapitalization or Restructuring

Please contact one of our Partners to review opportunities you believe fit our Investment criteria.


Our track record speaks for itself in terms of our ability to vet, process, close and fund a transaction in a timely basis. We have decades of experience in managing transaction processes in a wide variety of industries with very complicated structures. We personally get involved in every step of the transaction from exclusivity through due diligence and on to close and funding. In assessing whether or not we would be a good fit to work with you, please consider the following:

  • Our internal review processes are very efficient. If you show us an opportunity, it’s not uncommon for us to provide meaningful feedback in terms of “sincere interest or pass” within 72 hrs of receiving initial data requests.
  • Our due diligence process is straight forward and transparent. You will find that we are highly collaborative and that we have a practice of “over-communication.”
  • Time is money for everyone. Our track record has shown that we can evaluate, structure, and simultaneous close and fund a transaction in a very reasonable timeframe.
  • On multiple occasions, we have evaluated opportunities that were the result of a failed process and we were able to complete the transactions with positive outcomes for all parties.

Please contact one of our Partners to review opportunities you believe fit our Investment criteria.


We partner with seasoned executives and operating partners to build market-leading companies. We generally partner with you in two ways. First, if you would like to be involved with one of our portfolio companies and have a strong track record of success at the “C” level, please contact us so we can discuss your goals and objectives. Second, if you are in need of a financial sponsor to provide capital funding for a target acquisition such as a management buyout, please reach out to one of our partners.